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Заполните, пожалуйста, все поля данной формы.

Фамилия, имя, отчество:
Контактный телефон:
Желаемый район обучения:
Введите код с картинки.

Выберите правильные ответы для нижеперечисленных вопросов:

  1. English?
  2. No, I .
  3. the students.
  4. old are you?
  5. I haven't got cigarettes.
  6. I am listening my teacher.
  7. I television now.
  8. you want a drink?
  9. They to this school every day.
  10. She dresses very .
  11. John is the in the class.
  12. You see him tonight.
  13. I do my homework.
  14. You must pay you begin.
  15. My teacher is the .
  16. The windows by the boy.
  17. I asked him if he a good day.
  18. he has finished his work he can go home.
  19. He us that he had been to Paris.
  20. He asked her whether London.
  21. Do you know if the train ?
  22. The garage .
  23. He has had to .
  24. The station is too far away to.
  25. I'd like English.
  26. If you the box, you will find a present.
  27. If you were to drop it, it .
  28. Didn't you play tennis?
  29. My sister enjoyed the dinner.
  30. I was walking along the road when the car .
  31. Tomorrow you leave England.
  32. By five o'clock he Manchester.
  33. These machines .
  34. If all goes well, I home before six o'clock.
  35. If it had been sunny, I gone out.
  36. Do you know what to do?
  37. Don't forget me a newspaper, John.
  38. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog .
  39. He is an engineer in .
  40. Although my brother in the team.
  41. I was very in the story.
  42. He advised me the doctor.
  43. I to travelling by tube.
  44. He didn't come last night, I wish that he.
  45. I am going to a wedding I need to .
  46. Which would you have, gold or silver?
  47. My brother has been in hospital. I wonder how he .
  48. The man said he did not to walk.
  49. Although he confessed to crime, the judge let the boy .
  50. The student could not answer the question, so he .

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